Dear All 0 of my readers,

Fear not, for your almighty overlord Matt has finally returned. In my previous post, I mentioned how revision was in full swing for my A-Level exams and I hated every second of it- well, now my exams are done and I’m finally free to enjoy the strangely hot weather (I live in England, so hot weather is quite rare). Only kidding, I don’t actually go outside very often; I consider myself quite the introvert. I spend most of my free time complaining how bored I am or watching movies or TV shows. I’ll post some reviews of what I’ve seen so far later.

I’m not going to lie to you, mattsdullramblings, my exams actually finished about 3 weeks ago and I was just feeling to lazy to post. Sorry ’bout that. I’m glad we can be honest with each other, mattsdullramblings, I feel like that brings us so much closer together <3.

Anyway, I back and I’ll swear I’ll post more regularly from now on. I have no distractions now.