August 2015

Why You Should Be Excited For: All-New Inhumans


Creative Team: Charles Soule, James Asmus and Stefano Caselli

Publisher: Marvel

Premise: This title will follow a team lead by Crystal, the sister of Inhuman Queen Medusa. Her team will include NuHumans Flint, Naja and Grid, as well as classic Inhuman Gorgon. They will be traveling across the globe investigating ‘Skyspears’ which appear out of the sky and dramatically enhance the power any Inhuman nearby. 

Asmus has described the series as a “diplomatic mission/ covert strike team lead by Crystal”.

Why You Should Be Excited: Charles Soule is again taking control of this series, as well as his other Inhuman book from All-New All-Different Marvel, Uncanny Inhumans. To me, this devotion illustrates that Soule has a long-term plan for the Inhumans franchise, and it’s very exciting to watch it unfold!

The premise of this title also really interests me because it doesn’t sound like your traditional ‘Good vs Bad’ comic book; it feels as though it’s got more depth than that.

Also, Stefano Caselli is taking up art duties. If that doesn’t convince you, then I don’t think anything will!  

 P.S- I’m totally digging these costumes the cast are wearing!


Let’s Talk About: Red Widow


Yesterday Marvel announced that in September’s Mockingbird: S.H.I.E.L.D 50th Anniversary #1 one shot, a new character will debut and she’ll go by the name of Red Widow.

Very little has been revealed about her as of yet, but Margaret Stohl (the writer of the upcoming Black Widow: Forever Red novel) has said that this new character is “the opposite of” Natasha Romanoff, the current Black Widow.

I think this is pretty cool; I always like it when a brand new character debuts. 

Let’s not forget how awesome her character design above is! She looks bad-ass and seems to have some sort of weapon which can use lighting, which is fascinating. 

I’m 100% down for this! Bring on September!

My LFCC Haul 2015

Hiya guys!

About a month ago I went to London Film & Comic Con with my father and brother for the second year running and it was as awesome as I expected it to be. 

Last year we went there to meet celebrities. I left having taken pictures with Lena Headey, Jenna Coleman, Lita, Summer Glau, Carrie Fisher and THE Stan Lee! It was a very strong year guest-wise. 

This year however, none of the guests particularly interested me so we only went on the Friday to have a look at people’s cosplay and a roam around the stalls.

I ended up buying quite a few bits and bobs which I’m going to share with you now.

First up is Saga: Volume 4 by Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples.  

I can’t really find the time or energy to do any sort of long review, so here are my feelings on this in short.

It was excellent. The art, the story, the characterisation, the world-building was just bloody excellent. I guess that’s what you come to expect from this top drawer creative team.

My other comic book purchase was S.H.I.E.L.D by Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver  

To be honest I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself in for when I picked this up. I had heard good things about it from online forums but I had absolutely no idea what the storyline was or even who the main characters would be.

If anything, this ignorance heightened my enjoyment of the comic even more because the brilliance of the story took me by utter surprise.

I’ve never known a Marvel story to have such a brilliantly executed scope. This story covers everything throughout Marvel history, it’s stunning.

This was a fantastic read and I’m now eagerly waiting for volume two to (finally) get published.

Now onto some of the weirder items:

   Being a fan of both Adventure Time  and The Avengers I felt like this was a must-buy!

 How cute is this?! I simply had to buy it; it was a total bargain too, only costing me ¬£2!  Finally it’s these weird-as-hell fridge magnets which I think are pretty hilarious. Bat-Bunny is my dad’s, Bane-Bunny is my brother’s, Hulkamania-Bunny is mine, and we bought Bondage-Bunny for my mother because why the hell not?

If you like these magnets as much as I do you can check them out at 

Full disclosure: I brought the Hogan magnet before it became widely known that he was a flaming racist. I wouldn’t have chosen him had I known.

Let’s Talk About: Disney and Pixar’s Upcoming Slate

 Yesterday at Disney’s biannual D23 Expo, in the ‘Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Upcoming Films’ talk, senior creative officials (such as John Lasseter) gave a presentation discussing the animated movies we get to look forward to in the near future.

This has lead me to create this brief post just giving my thoughts on these movies.

First up is The Good Dinosaur: 
This is the project that is furthest along as it is due to be released on 25th November 2015 and we’ve already seen a trailer. 

It’s about a young (caveboy) child and a young dinosaur traveling together after the dinosaur- named Arlo- finds himself far from home.

I must say the trailer genuinely impressed me; it already looks to me as if it’ll be a tearjerker. However, I do have a slight quibble with the animation style. Based on the trailer, it looks as every aspect of the background was maticulously drawn to look as realistic as possible, which I found to create a slightly unpleasant juxtaposition with the (obviously) less realistic dinosaur.

Nonetheless, I’m definitely looking forward to this.

Hypemeter: 7/10

Next up- Zootopia:  

This is the tale a bunny cop called Judy Hopps (get it? Because she’s a bunny! Classic.) who wants to be a ‘real’ cop but only gets assignments like being the meter maid. 

This would change when she meets Nick Wilde, a sly fox conman, voiced  by Jason Bateman and later realises that she need his help. 

He helps her realise that she’s more than a ‘dumb bunny’ and he’s more than a ‘sly fox’.

Zootopia hits theatres 4th March 2016.

To be honest, the storyline feels somewhat generic and predictable; I’m not hugely invested in this movie.

Hypemeter: 6/10

Next, Moana: 

I have very high hopes for this one because it feels like old school Disney.   

The only announced cast member so far is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who will be playing Maui, a demigod.

The plot of the movie is still kept well under wraps but the footage shown to the audience at D23 was apparently very impressive and showcased Maui, Moana and her pig.

I have a lot of hope resting on this one. Don’t mess it up Disney!

Hypemeter: 9/10

Now onto Gigantic:  

This was a surprise announcement and is based off the fairytale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

First and formost can I just say how stunning that concept art is?! Amazing.

However, this won’t be exactly the same as the known rendition of the fable. It is now set in Spain. There will also be different cultures of giant; the main antagonists of the picture are ‘storm giants’.

Not only that, but Frozen songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez will be writing the music for the movie!

This could be really special.

Hypemeter: 10/10

Next is Toy Story 4:  

I’m really unsure how to feel about this because I feel that Toy Story 3 wrapped everything up perfectly; I’m worried that this movie will just be a desperate cash grab.

It’s also being said the narrative focuses on a love story between Woody and Bo Peep, which again concerns me because I slways had the idea that Woody and Jessie were the endgame. In short, I couldn’t give a crap about Bo Peep.

Yet, I still have a strong love for the Toy Story trilogy, so I definitely do have some interest reserved in this movie.

Hypemeter: 7.5/10

How could I possibly forget Finding Dory:  

Unpopular opinion: Finding Nemo is incredibly overrated. I’m sorry, but that’s just my opinion. I liked the movie, but nowhere near as much as everyone else seemed to. To me it was just a dull plot with boring characters- except Dory. 

For me, Dory was the saviour of the film. Without her I would’ve been painfully bored.

Yet despite my gratitude to Dory for making Finding Nemo enjoyable, I’m still not particularly hyped for this movie.

Finding Dory will be released in Summer 2016.

Hypemeter: 7/10

We’ve all been waiting years for it… It’s The Incredibles 2:  

This is it guys, it’s finally here! After waiting 10 years we finally get the long-awaited sequel to the brilliant Incredibles film!

That’s all I deem necessary to say.

Hypemeter: 10/10

And finally, Coco:

 This is about a 12 year old Mexican boy named Miguel who sets off a chain of events that’ll change his life forever.

It’s a very broad, generic sounding storyline, but I’m sure it’ll sound more appealing as more details are released closer to the date.

However, the art is giving me major Nightmare Before Christmas feelings- which I totally adore, so that’s working in their favour for me!

Hypemeter: 7/10

Why You Should Be Excited For: The Twilight Children 

Creative Team: Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke

Publisher: Vertigo

Premise: A supernatural horror story centred on a flawed and volatile young woman named Tito. It is a mini series.

Why You Should Be Excited: Darwyn Cooke. He is a legendary artist who’s work always makes me feel like I’ve gone back in time, which is really a testament to how brilliant his work is. Anything this guy does I’m down for!


Why You Should Be Excited For: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Creative Team: Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclare and Natacha Bustos

Publisher: Marvel

Premise: Young genius Lunella Lafayette teams up with good old Devil Dinosaur. What’s not to like?

Reeder has described Lunella as a ‘female Inspector Gadget’.

Why You Should Be Excited: It has a very Disney/ Pixar feel to it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets made into a movie somewhere down the line. It’s also an ‘all-ages’ title; meaning it’s going to be perfect for readers of all ages.

Bustos is one of the best new artists out there in my opinion- I mean look at this character design image. 


Why You Should Be Excited For: Daredevil

Creative Team: Charles Soule and Ron Garney

Publisher: Marvel

Premise: Matt Murdock is back in the Big Apple and is now Assistant a District Attourney. His secret identity is also once again in tact. That’s not all for Murdock though- he’s also got himself a sidekick called Samuel Chung from Chinatown. 

Why You Should Be Excited: This is a very very strong creative team. Soule and Garney have promised a noir-infused Daredevil story, which is excellent marketing from Marvel, as it will link even better to the fantastic Netflix series. 

Ron Garney is the perfect artist for Daredevil. If you don’t agree have a peek at these character designs and an exclusive page from issue #1 (courtesy of



Why You Should Be Excited For: Snotgirl

Creative Team: Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung

Publisher: Image Comics

Premise: A dark comedy focused on fashion blogger Lottie, who could turn into a “snotty mess” at any moment. Artist Leslie Hung has described it as “‘Sex and the City meets American Psycho‘”.

Why You Should Be Excited: This is O’Malley’s first ever ongoing series after mainly working on (excellent) graphic novels like Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Seconds; therefore he must have a good feeling about this series otherwise he wouldn’t have left his successful comfort zone. After looking at O’Malley’s past projects why wouldn’t this follow the successful trajectory of his other great works?

Why You Should Be Excited For: Paper Girls

Creative Team: Brian K Vaughn and Cliff Chiang

Publisher: Image Comics

Premise: 4 paper girls in 1980’s Ohio witness something “extraordinary” on Halloween.

Why You Should Be Excited: LOOK AT THAT CREATIVE TEAM! Is that not enough?!


Fine. If you still need a little convincing then have a peek at these preview pages from


Genuinely some of the prettiest preview pages I’ve seen. 

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