Creative Team: Charles Soule, James Asmus and Stefano Caselli

Publisher: Marvel

Premise: This title will follow a team lead by Crystal, the sister of Inhuman Queen Medusa. Her team will include NuHumans Flint, Naja and Grid, as well as classic Inhuman Gorgon. They will be traveling across the globe investigating ‘Skyspears’ which appear out of the sky and dramatically enhance the power any Inhuman nearby. 

Asmus has described the series as a “diplomatic mission/ covert strike team lead by Crystal”.

Why You Should Be Excited: Charles Soule is again taking control of this series, as well as his other Inhuman book from All-New All-Different Marvel, Uncanny Inhumans. To me, this devotion illustrates that Soule has a long-term plan for the Inhumans franchise, and it’s very exciting to watch it unfold!

The premise of this title also really interests me because it doesn’t sound like your traditional ‘Good vs Bad’ comic book; it feels as though it’s got more depth than that.

Also, Stefano Caselli is taking up art duties. If that doesn’t convince you, then I don’t think anything will!  

 P.S- I’m totally digging these costumes the cast are wearing!