Yesterday, after months of guessing, Marvel revealed the identity of The Totally Awesome Hulk and it was none other that teenage super genius Amadeus Cho. Frank Cho and Greg Pak will take reins on this series, debuting in December as part All-New, All-Different Marvel.

Marvel’s Editor-In Chief Axel Alonso had this to say about Amadeus as Hulk on;

“Amadeus is bit cocky and arrogant, like a lot of young guys are at that age, and he’s ranked as the fifth or sixth smartest guy in the world so he’s kind of got the right to be. And now he’s been given this awesome power. He’s going to have a very different attitude towards being the Hulk. He’s been given the keys to a brand-new Maserati, he’s going to see a wide-open road in front of him, and he’s going to drive it fast”

Personally, I am quite excited for this series because I am fan of Amadeus and I feel like he has been criminally underutilised as of late. The creative team is also strong too; with Frank Cho being one of my favourite artists.

However, on a somewhat related note, I am getting a tad tired of Marvel taking their most iconic characters and changing them. As far as I’m concerned Steve Rogers is Captain America, not Sam Wilson. Bruce Banner is Hulk, not Amadeus Cho. Odinson is Thor, not Jane Foster.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t support these series’. In fact I’ve actually quite enjoyed Jane Foster playing the role of a hero, but I would’ve preferred it if they just gave her a new superhero identity, instead of replacing an already adored character.

This may sound controversial but I just believe that Marvel is just making changes like these for the sake of diversity. Not because the writers have a brilliant story to tell. To be honest, whilst Jane Foster as Thor has been enjoyable, and Sam Wilson as Captain America hasn’t been awful, neither of these storylines will be something that sticks out in my mind as iconic storytelling.

Nonetheless, I will continue onto The Totally Awesome Hulk with hope that this change isn’t just for mainstream publicity, but because Pak and Cho have a fantastic story to tell that will stick in my head long after I’ve read it.