Creative Team: Sam Humphries and Mike Del Mundo

Publisher: Marvel

Premise: The series will follow Becca, a 16 year old who accidently found herself on Weirdworld and desperately wants to get home (as you would when you find yourself on Weirdworld). She will be joined on her journey by an old wizard called Ogeode, a 7-feet tall barbarian called Goleta, and someone called Catbeast.

In an interview on, Humphries had the following to say about the terrain Becca will have to face on Weirdworld:

“Weirdworld is a place where anything can happen. Weirdworld is a place inside the Marvel Universe. Weirdworld is a place where the lost can be found. But only if you are strong enough… Weirdworld is a place that is ever changing, always chaotic, and a place of infinite discovery. Its essential nature is so mysterious that no complete map can ever be created. It is a polyglot of fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and other weird things dug up from the brains of myself and [artist] Mike Del Mundo.”

Why You Should Be Excited: Mainly because Mike Del Mundo is still on art duties; which in itself makes this title a must-buy. His work on the Secret Wars Weirdworld is some of the best art you’ll ever see on the printed page. Each individual page is a work of art that could be sold for so much more.

You should also be excited because the Weirdworld itself is sticking around; the storyline opportunities are infinite. As described above by Humphries, this really is like nothing Marvel has done for a very long time.

For me, this is the positive kind of diversity within the product line which Marvel should be doing more of. This isn’t a superhero story, this is a story of survival.

Can Becca survive Weirdworld? I suggest you find out when this title hits the shelves in December!