Silver Surfer 

Creative Team: Dan Slott and Mike Allred

My Thoughts: Heard good things about their original run, but the character doesn’t interest me, so I won’t be picking up this series. I’m happy fans of this character still get to enjoy the series though.



Moon Knight

Creative Team: Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood

My Thoughts: I have never read a comic book with Moon Knight, but this creative team has piqued my interest. Lemire is a fantastic writer. Smallwood has a wonderfully gritty style which I think is perfect for this character. Depending on how much money I’ve got at the time, I may try this, but it’s not a ‘must-buy’ for me.


X-Men ’92

Creative Team: Chris Sims, Chad Bowers an Alti Firmansyah

My Thoughts: Whilst I completely love the X-Men animated series from the 90s, this title doesn’t interest me. This may change if it isn’t in the Infinite Comic platform it’s currently in, which I totally hate. The characters are fantastic, but I can’t see past that format. Hopefully, the announcement of another X-Men series will stop all the conspiracies that Marvel are trying to get rid of mutants in favour of Inhumans.



Creative Team: Chelsea Cain and an unannounced artist

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed the recent Mockingbird one-shot, written by Chelsea Cain. I’m also really loving the new exposure Bobbi has been getting thanks to her being on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I expect the success of both of these things led to Marvel giving Bobbi a new series, and I’m totally cool with that.

I love Mockingbird, so I’m going to be buying this when it comes out some time next year.