This week's spooky Doctor Who ghosts (@bbcdoctorwho)
This week’s spooky Doctor Who ghosts (@bbcdoctorwho)

For the third time this series, Moffat and co have delivered an outstanding episode of Doctor Who. I can’t remember the last time a series of Doctor Who started off so strong.

Yes, it has some of the traditional Doctor Who ingredients; running along long corridors, a small and doomed group of characters, etc. but that doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of this episode because it is all executed so perfectly. I feel like this has to be down to it being written by Toby Whithouse, who has created some of my favourite modern-Who stories.

Not only that, but there is still some brilliant character moments between the Doctor and Clara; one part I particularly enjoyed was Clara making the Doctor use some prompt cards, so that he knows the appropriate thing to say to bereaved shipmates.

Something else that was especially enjoyable about this episode is that the ‘villains’ of the piece were genuinely scary. This was refreshing because nothing from Doctor Who has even startled me since the weeping angels. The pale faces and blackened eyes made them terrifyingly emotionless and threatening simultaneously.

However, this wasn’t even my favourite part of the episode. The super-detective side of the Doctor got an (unfortunately) rare outing; he wasn’t just running through the aforementioned long corridors, he was using his best asset, his brain, to truly get to the bottom of this ghoulish mystery. At times I wasn’t sure whether I was watching Doctor Who, or Sherlock!

It was such a good episode that I didn’t even realise that my beloved Missy was nowhere to be seen, although I guess that’s to be expected considering her actions in the previous episode. Now that I’ve noticed her absence, I have realised that I miss Missy (see what I did there!) when she’s not here. But, you know what they say; absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Nevertheless, Under The Lake, the first of another two-parter, was utterly engaging from start to finish; with a cliff-hanger that genuinely made me gasp. Trust me, the only way you would’ve seen it coming is if you have your own TARDIS and went into the future to watch this episode.