Today DC Entertainment announced that they would have a revamp of Hanna-Barbera comics later this year. 4 new titles were announced, with surprisingly high profile creators attached.

Here is a run down of all the information you need to know, and my thoughts on the matter:

Scooby Apocalypse by Jim Lee, Howard Porter and Keith Griffen

scooby-apocalypse-color-3552fMy Thoughts: Despite being young, my parents brought me up on the classic Scooby Doo cartoons from the 60s, and even to this day I am still happy to sit down and watch them because they are such brilliant and fun stories. This story however, is going to be very different from those cartoons. Judging from the cover art, and the title, this is going to be an apocalyptic Mystery Inc (with a hipster Shaggy too!). DC was clearly influenced by the success of ‘Afterlife With Archie’ in flipping a well-known property on its head. I like the idea of this new direction for the gang. I’m not crazy about the character designs but I do love the creative team attached to it, so I’ll definitely be buying this comic book once it hits stores!

Future Quest by Doc Shaner and Jeff Parker


My Thoughts: I don’t know who any of these characters are. I am unfamiliar with them. However a quick search on Google Images allows me to realise how wonderful Shaner’s art is and how it has a very retro and old-school look. I am also a fan of Parker’s writing from his time on DC’s Batman ’66 series. Therefore, I will check this one out when it comes out later this year, mainly on the strength of the creative team.

The Flintstones by Mark Russell


My Thoughts: I have seen a few Flintstones cartoons in my life and they were quite fun, but I can’t say they hooked me like Scooby Doo did. I’m not familiar with Russell’s work but forum members on CBR seem to have positive things to say about him, which is nice. It has also only been said that Amanda Conner is doing the design for the characters (as seen above) but not that she is doing the interiors for the series. Unfortunately, I never commit to a series if I don’t know, or like the artist, so it is unlikely that I will buy this comic book. Although, if I hear positive reviews about this once it comes out, I will likely buy in in trade paperback.

Wacky Race Land by Mark Sexton and Ken Pontac


My Thoughts: Mark Sexton was the designer on ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ so he clearly knows how to choreograph a captivating race/driving scene, which obviously works perfectly for this title. Again, unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with this creative team. I also don’t have much of an interest in a racing title, so I will not be buying this book either.

I would be buying 2, possibly 3, out of 4 newly announced titles. I would rate that a massive success on DC’s behalf. I would’ve never brought titles like these before but DC came up with interesting ideas and fantastic creative teams, making it very hard for a fan like me to turn down.