Fatal Four Way for the Tag Team Championships:

The New Day (c) vs The Dudley Boys vs The Usos vs Golden Truth

This match should be a lot of fun, but ultimately is unlikely to be anything particularly special. It’ll be a good match but nothing that many fans will be too emotionally invested in. This is simply because the Tag Division isn’t particularly exciting right now. Sure, New Day are entertaining, but you can’t really have emotional or compelling storytelling when all they talk about is booty and trombones. Turning The Dudleys heel was a good step in the right direction, but they aren’t formidable enough on their own to have a match alone with New Day at Wrestlemania, so I added in two more teams to make it a bit more intriguing. The Usos have no personality but are very reliable in the ring, whilst the idea of Goldust and R-Truth finally teaming up is interesting. Their interactions in recent weeks have been highly entertaining but we are yet to see how the crowd will react to them.

I’ve heard many people suggest that WWE just call up Enzo and Big Cass but I don’t believe there is enough time left to debut them and put them into a great storyline with the New Day, so I think that their debut should be saved until the Raw after Wrestlemania.

I would be tempted to put the titles on Golden Truth just because I’m a big fan of both of them, but it would be much smarter to leave them on The New Day, so the payoff is sweeter when Enzo and Cass win the titles from them later in the year.

Winners: The New Day

No Holds Barred Match:

Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) vs Bray Wyatt (w/ The Wyatt Family)

This encounter is inevitable considering how Brock was eliminated by the Wyatt clan in the Royal Rumble, and their likely interference in the Number One Contenders match at Fastlane.

I’ve decided to make it a No Holds Barred Match for 3 reasons:

  1. It will make an otherwise dreary match quite exciting because of all the weapons that could be used.
  2. It makes sense from a storyline perspective that ‘The Beast’ Brock Lesnar would want to completely destroy Bray Wyatt, so the inclusion of a more violent stipulation is important for the narrative.
  3. It allows the Wyatt Family to legally interfere.

This match is quite tricky to book because both of these men need to be booked as strong contenders, meaning everyone needs to look good in this match. With that in mind, and an eye to the future, I would have Bray Wyatt walk away with the victory.

The members of the Wyatt Family will be heavily involved in this match. They would repeatedly beat Brock down in increasingly violent ways, but Brock would always get back up and would eventually annihilate them one by one, with F5 after F5. Then Bray Wyatt would show how dangerous he is by catching Brock with a Sister Abigail out of nowhere onto some steel steps that were brought into the ring, keeping Brock down for the count.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

If Bray loses this match, he will be 0-3 at Wrestlemania, and that is a very tough record to come back from. He would lose every shred of credibility he has if he doesn’t pull off the victory here. Brock can afford to lose and will still be considered a beast, Bray doesn’t have that luxury.

Triple Threat Match for the Divas Championship:

Charlotte (c) vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks

This bout has the potential to be the greatest women’s match to ever happen at Wrestlemania. These are the three most technically gifted women that WWE has ever had in the title picture. Sure Trish vs Lita, or Trish vs Mickie James had better storylines in  them, but these three ladies could outwrestle any of the former Divas (with maybe the exception of Charlotte who occasionally looks limited)

Up until this moment Charlotte’s reign as Divas Champion has been underwhelming. However a match with 2 of her fellow Four Horsewomen will definitely add a spark to the reign. However, that reign will be ending here. I’m booking Sasha Banks to win. Charlotte just hasn’t shown the ability to get over, even with the help of her 2-time Hall Of Famer father Ric Flair at her side. Sasha and Becky, meanwhile have gotten themselves over, with Sasha in particular becoming a massive fan favourite.

Give these ladies and decent amount of time and they will knock it out of the park.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Having Sasha win opens plenty of exciting feuds against Naomi, Becky, Paige and perhaps even Bayley; all of whom Sasha has excellent in-ring chemistry with.

The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns 

Yes, ‘Taker vs Sting would’ve been my original first choice, but unfortunately Sting’s injury looks to have ruled that out. Therefore, I’ve decided to go somewhere to the left field. To fully explain this booking, I’ll take you to Fastlane and the Number One Contender match. I’m actually going to have Dean Ambrose shock and delight the WWE Universe and win, much to the distain of Roman Reigns. He is tired of being unable to stay at the top, he is tired of getting booed when all he does is try his best, he is tired of being upstaged. Roman turns heel and spears Dean after he wins and then proceeds to destroy him. This will give Roman some serious heel heat.

The following Monday, on Raw, Roman will explain himself and say that he is tired of being treated like crap and will prove himself as the future of the company by beating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The challenge is issued, and of course The Undertaker accepts.

Then the usual, irregular Undertaker booking would begin. ‘Taker would appear sporadically on Raw; he and Roman will brawl and they will both look strong heading into WM.

They would have a hard-hitting match at ‘Mania with Roman Reigns eventually picking up the victory. The idea of Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania doesn’t feel particularly ‘wrong’ anymore now that the streak has ended, so this match would serve as a way to really get Reigns over.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Beating Undertaker would give Reigns an unholy amount of heat from the crowd, and he’d become one of the biggest heels WWE has had in years. Reigns is best as a heel because fans aren’t embracing him as a face because he’s too watered down and like Cena 2.0. Therefore make him a bad-ass heel, and beating Taker would give him fantastic momentum for him to be put back into the title picture, just this time as the heel.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Triple H (w/ Mr McMahon & Stephanie McMahon) (c) vs Dean Ambrose

I know this sounds like quite a weird Wrestlemania main event, but I think it is the best option in this situation. WWE clearly want to have HHH vs Roman Reigns, but I am certain that the Texas crowd will not want to see that match and would likely boo the crap out of Reigns if he won.

Dean Ambrose was the final competitor to be eliminated from the Royal Rumble, and I would book him to win the match at Fastlane. He is currently the biggest face in WWE and I think a large percentage of the WWE Universe would rather see him walk out of Wrestlemania with the WWE WHC instead of Roman Reigns.

After winning at Fastlane and getting beaten down by his former brother, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose will be in pretty bad shape. But, being the Lunatic Fringe that he is, he will still show up on Raw to celebrate going to Wrestlemania. Triple H will then come out and tell him that winning at Fastlane will be the biggest mistake of his life, he’s going to make sure that Dean doesn’t even make it to ‘Mania. He puts Ambrose in a Gauntlet Match for Raw’s main event with the Intercontinental Championship on the line. He beats the entire League of Nations, then out comes Roman Reigns. He beats the heck out of Ambrose and then leaves. He doesn’t care about the title, he just wants to hurt Dean. Then Kevin Owens rushes out and hits Ambrose with the pop-up powerbomb and wins the title. This gives KO, Triple H and Roman Reigns heel heat all in one swoop, whilst also making the crowd love the underdog Dean Ambrose even more.

This makes the match at ‘Mania much more personal because Dean needs retribution. During the match Vince tries to get involved but Dean beats him up (because he’s a lunatic) to a big pop. Triple H pulls out all the heel moves in the book, including hitting Dean with his trademark sledgehammer while Stephanie distracts the referee. But, nothing keeps the Lunatic Fringe down. He refuses to stay down, after tonnes of near-falls.

Eventually, Dean Ambrose will overcome all the odds and get the victory, sending the crowd wild.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

This would be great because there is a great ready-made feud between him and Roman Reigns for the title that could go on for months.

It would also be a nice moment for fans of The Shield because then all 3 members would’ve been involved in a Wrestlemania main-event.

Anyway, that is how I would book Wrestlemania. I’m aware it isn’t the greatest ‘Mania card of all time but I think it’s pretty good considering the large mountains of injuries in the WWE.

Please feel free to leave a comment and share with me your thoughts on my card, or even tell me how you would book the event!