new companion
The Doctor and Bill


So here we have it, after months of speculation, the new Doctor Who companion has been cast. The lucky actress replacing the marvellous Jenna Coleman is newcomer Pearl Mackie.

Now, I’m not going to pretend I know anything substantial about Pearl’s acting career because quite frankly she’s not been in anything I’ve seen. However, the BBC did release a wonderful 2 minute teaser video showing The Doctor and Pearl Mackie’s Bill in action, which tells me all I need to know.

The clip (Which can be seen here) features The Doctor and Bill being pursued by a horde of Daleks. The Doctor and Bill find a corner to hide behind where Bill humorously questions The Doctor about the Daleks. I absolutely loved this part because it felt like a real reaction, if you’ve just seen a Dalek following you, you’d have no idea what they are and what they want- or in Bill’s case, why they have a sucky thing instead of two guns (“Did they run out of guns?”). This makes me think that Bill will be a nice departure from Clara who sometimes appeared to be a bit too knowledgeable which seemed a tad unrealistic.

I’d also just like to say that the style of Bill is just so awesome as well. Bill looks cool. Bill looks like someone I’d want to hang around with, and I totally love that.

One thing that I’m going to need a bit of time warming to is the companion’s name- Bill. I know it’s probably not going to sound especially PC of me, but stereotypically Bill is a boys name, so I think I was just caught a bit off guard. However, this definitely won’t be an issue for long because even as I’m writing this I can feel myself warming to the name and I’m beginning to feel like it actually suits the character that Bill appears to be.

Anyway, I feel like, based off of that clip alone, Bill will be a welcome addition to the TARDIS and that the Doctor Who crew had a tough task finding someone to replace the departing Jenna Coleman, but they appear to have risen to the occasion with the casting of Pearl Mackie.

I’m incredibly excited for the new episodes to air now, with an all-new companion. 2017 cannot come fast enough.