The new Quasar, designed by Angel Unzeata

After advertising the new issue of Avengers: Standoff! Escape From Pleasant Hill Omega to herald the return of a ‘long awaited’ hero, Marvel introduced Avril Kincaid, a brand new Quasar.

Quasar is an already established character named Wendell Vaughn who gains power from wielding powerful Quantum Bands, which are now in possession of Avril. I won’t spoil how she got these bands as not everyone would have read the issue yet and I don’t wish to spoil it.

Usually I am a fan of pushing new characters but I cannot help but feel a little missold by this revelation. We were told that we would get the return of a character, with many people getting excited at the thought of a returning Richard Rider, Phyla-Vell or just simply the original Quasar, yet we were give a completely new character. Personally, I feel like Marvel knew that fans would get excited at the prospect of one of their favourites returning and intentionally duped us.

As tired as I’m getting of Marvel replacing some of it’s most iconic or well-loved character with new replacements, I’m still trying to keep an open mind. I still want Thor to be Odinson, and Banner to be Hulk, but I will certainly give Avril a chance; much like I’ve given Jane Foster as Thor and Amadeus Cho as Hulk a chance, unfortunately to no avail.

From the little that I’ve seen of Avril, she has potential to be a good character as long as Marvel is willing to continue this push and not suddenly halt it.

On the bright side, I am glad the general idea of the Quasar is back because I feel like there’s been plenty of storyline possibilities with these powers, and can even be used in a similar way to how DC uses the Green Lanterns. Perhaps Marvel could introduce a Quasar Corps book? I kid, I think…

Nick Spencer, the writer behind Avril Kincaid’s introduction has stated in an interview with Marvel.com that we can expect to see more of Avril in the two Captain America books he’s writing, as well as an upcoming storyline he cannot talk about yet.

It would also be a crime not to mention that the character design of Avril Kincaid as Quasar is brilliant. I love what Angel Unzeata has done with the costume; retaining classic features but still amazing it look cool and bad ass.

Avril Kincaid, welcome to the Marvel Universe.