The completed Mosaic puzzle


All week Marvel has been releasing daily teasers illustrated by Stuart Immonen relating to a mysterious Mosaic, without confirming whether Mosaic was a character, a event or even a story arc. Now the whole puzzle has been completed and to be honest I’m still not any wiser.

We now know that Mosaic is related to Uncanny Inhumans (written by Charles Soule- and also a series I love) and will be introduced/ begin on the #11 issue.

Based on the puzzle I think it is the safest bet to assume that Mosaic is a new a character, and had a very interesting hypothesis that the Mosaic character could possibly piece together the different powers of different heroes and use them for herself, which would explain why Spider-Man and Iron Man can be seen on her face.

I think there could also be a case to suggest that this character may not actually be a new one. I think Mosaic could be Shuri. In Black Panther #1 it can be seen that T’Challa is trying to basically reanimate Shuri after the events of last year’s Time Runs Out heading into Secret Wars. T’Challa seems particularly desperate for her to come back and possibly he will subject her to the Terrigen Mists that are floating around the MU in order to get her back. As far as continuity is aware, Shuri is not an Inhuman but possibly the Inhuman genes within her just haven’t been exposed yet?

Moreover, the case for Shuri is also supported by the fact that the lady in the puzzle teaser has a similar face structure, as well as the lack of hair, much like Shuri. Furthermore, it is practically unheard of for Marvel to create this much hype for a brand new character- at least not a legacy hero- so it could be the case that Marvel is just breaking their own conventions, or are trying to swerve us again (I’m looking at you, Quasar!).

I, like many people, had assumed that the teasers were corresponding to a new Jessica Jones series (mainly based on the stylistic choice on the teaser) and was a bit surprised to find that it wasn’t the case. However, I am not disappointed. I like it when Marvel gives a brand new hero a chance, and we all know Jessica getting a new series is inevitable- especially considering she’s the star of a hit Netflix series and Brian Bendis basically confirmed it at Emerald City Comic-Con.

Anyway, I hope, and think Mosaic is a new character and I’m happy with this- especially that she’s black which warms my heart as Marvel could do with a bit more higher profile diversity. However, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve got something like this wrong, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!